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1. Childfree versus Childless
Countless individuals worldwide are living lives without procreating, but what exactly do you call people who don’t have kids? Titles for parents include mom and dad, or mother and father. Depending on the person you ask, the response may vary considerably.

2. Women Who Don’t Want Children
OK, so what’s “wrong” with us? Isn’t the desire to have children natural? NOT FOR EVERYONE!

3. Child Free Women and Breast Cancer
There are some health risks involved when you choose not to have children. Knowing what they are can help save your life.

4. Witty Child Free Comebacks!
What zingers do you regularly use when people ask the dreaded question..."So, when are you two going to start having kids?"

5. If You Can’t Decide, Don’t Have Kids
Indecision is a sure sign you aren’t ready to have children.

6. Are Childfree Communities Havens?
As more adults grow into old age without children with grandchildren, trend-seeking real estate developers are offering childfree housing alternatives. Are age-restricted, child-free communities really havens?

7. Child Free Dining
Sick of dealing with screaming kids when you go out to eat? Here are a few tips on how to eat out -- child free.

8. Pets Strengthen the Marriage Bond
I’ve read statements claiming that pets don’t bond a married couple like children do, yet, I’ve been married to my husband for more years than I care to admit – and one of the things that kept us together and interested in one another is an intense interest in our pets and in animal rescue.

9. You Can Have a Happy Holiday Season
The holiday season can be difficult for people without kids. It helps to remember that it's the rhetoric, not the reality, that makes for trying times. There are many ways to experience the joys of the holiday season - without children.

10. Meeting Singles Who Don’t Want Kids Either
Finding someone in the dating pool who doesn´t want kids can be difficult. Here´s some advice from MNK Newsletter Subscribers on how they met their spouses! Maybe one of these tips will help you find your child free soul mate!

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